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This year is a strange year and many cant travel far this summer. You might wish to concentrate more on you own home even more than before. To redecorate and maybe create a more cosy outdoor...

We were so lucky to visit Italy twice last year. We went to both Sicily and Rome and one of the architects with whom we have often worked is Massimo Adario, who's office is situated in Rome. He works internationally creating stunning homes using noble materials like brass, marble and ebony.


The Sisters Agency: How do you approach a new project ?

- Each home and each home owner is different, the layout is never the same in a project, but I always try to feel the space at first and the story that the home has to tell.


The Sisters Agency: In many of your projects you use brass, tell us about it ?

- Brass is a metal that brings instant opulence to an otherwise ordinary scheme. It is warmer than crome and more suble than gold.


The Sisters Agency : You also like to fuse different materials ?

- I like to use rich materials, faux suede, marble, leather and noble woods like ebony. I like to co-ordiante the textures and the colours without it being showy.